Angeline de Meester - Contemporary botanical artist Angeline de Meester - Contemporary botanical art

July 2018 – Angeline will be running 2 botanical art painting workshops this month at Capel Manor College and at RHS Rosemoor where she will teach ‘The Cottage Garden at Rosemoor – A small botanical compostion’ July 13th – 15th (see website)


May 2018 – Botanical Art Worldwide on 18th May. Angeline will be joining members of the SBA in celebration of this event at the Art Workers Guild, London where there will be demonstrations of technique and talks about the artists' work.
See more information.

Painting Colourful Blooms Workshop for Capel Manor College, Regents Park, please book through the college website.


October 2017 – On October 4th Angeline will be Artist in Residence at the Great Art Flagship store in London (see website). This is a great opportunity to come along and see her demonstrating and ask any questions you may have about her work. It is a treasure trove of a place for any artist and well worth a visit.

Also for the first time this year the SBA will be holding their annual exhibition in October and Angeline is proud to be part of the event where she will have 5 small works available (see website). The exhibition is once more at the Westminster Hall and runs from 13th – 21st October


September 2017 – Angeline will be at Capel Manor College, Regents Park leading a workshop from 11 – 13 Sept 2017 – on  Vegetables and Greens from the Allotment Garden at Regents Park.
Please apply online at the Capel Manor College website


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For further information about Angeline and her work do visit her page on Facebook

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Angeline de Meester takes a new, fresh, approach to botanical art, providing a contemporary take on an age-old subject.

Her work would complement any Home and enhance any room, engendering a feeling of tranquillity and order in a world that is rarely either.

"Angeline de Meester is a graduate (with distinction) of the English Gardening School's prestigious diploma course in Botanical Painting and Illustration (Dip EGS). With a strong sense of design, Angeline's composition of well loved garden plants blend scientific accuracy with aesthetic beauty and challenge the viewer to look further into the painting"
Helen Allen BA, PGCEd, DipEGS, FLS
Diploma Course Director EGS Botanical Painting


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